I was born in Carei, Romania but have lived outside the country since 1996. I spent my first years abroad in Germany, than I spent one year in Britain,  after that I moved back to Germany again. I grew up bilingual, my native language is  Hungarian, and my second language is Romanian.


I have a university degree in chemistry and physics, with a special focus on physical chemistry. After my graduation I worked in the food industry.


I started a second course of study in 1996, this time in English.  As a part of my studies I spent a year in Britain.


I have been working as a translator and interpreter for ten years. In addition to my  scientifical and technical knowlegde I have gained also a great deal of experience in law, economics and finances.    


I am a member of ATICOM Fachverband der   Berufsübersetzer     und Berufsdolmetscher e. V. (association of professional translators and interpreters) and DÜFD Translator‘s‘ and Interpreters‘ Forum Düsseldorf (Dolmetscher– und Übersetzer–Forum Düsseldorf).     


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